Farthest Run Ever

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Daily Running
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This morning I sat down to read a few blogs and boy are there some great people out there!! One of the blog entries I read today was on runtorunfor. She was going to go for a 18 mile run and that in itself is inspiring so I decided if I could, I’d try to go for a 5 mile run which would beat my previous distance. I ended up running a full 10K distance plus .01 which in the beginning was insane to me but at the end I couldn’t feel any prouder.

Here I go, breaking three PR’s today

Longest Run – 1:23:23

Furthest Run – 6.21

Fastest 10K – 1:23:18

My 10K speed was roughly 13.38 minute per mile pace. While I would like to be much faster, that is not too bad to start with!   I would like to thank all those awesome running bloggers out there because your blogs are what makes me inspired to beat myself!

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