Finding Inspiration to Run

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Running, Running Decisions
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Sometimes we look at inspiration as something that must come from friends and family but the truth is it’s everywhere! Yesterday, I had been inspired to go on a long run because I saw a blog post about a blogger taking a 18 mile trek. There is nothing more inspiring than knowing you inspire someone else. (Which is why I mentioned it TWICE now!)

Today I took the day off from running but the day isn’t over yet and I’m itching to go for a short-ish run?? Instead of going for a run, I can gather all my running data and put it in one place. I had seen this beautiful calendar posted by another runner showing all of her work-outs and days that her and her husband had been exercising. Having a calendar full of results can be very inspiring for some people.

Another way to be inspired is to sign up for races! There have been many people that talk about the need to have a “push” to get started running. The best way to get that little push is to pay for something and tell yourself that you’re not bailing! Post those races on your calendar and get busy training!

It doesn’t take much to be inspired but it takes a lot to follow up with the inspiration! The support from your family and friends is invaluable especially when you’re getting ready to train for a marathon or if your’e already training and your diet sucks. Use that to inspire you to go and remember what you do inspires other people whether you realize it or not!


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