What Time Should You Run

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Running, Running Decisions
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For me, getting up at 4 AM would be torture and there’s no way my energy level would be up to par to run the distance that is necessary. There is this woman that was in one of the runner’s magazine that runs at 4 30 in the morning because she needs to be home to make breakfast for her 12 children. She makes time to run because she’s training for a marathon. So, for those that say you have no time to run, you just don’t make time.

Either go to bed early and get up super early so you can run before work or go to bed late so you can run after work and after the children go to sleep. It’s a matter of preference. Also, like Chalene Johnson would tell you, figure out which time of the day you have the most energy and are able to contribute the most to your work out.

The reason why you want to have a higher level of energy during your runs is because you want to be able to give it your all. The more you give to your work out, the more calories you burn. It’s a win-win! So, focus on figuring out when you have the most energy and time to do your run.

Not only should you think of the time of the day, you should also figure out which day of the week you will most need your rest day and set it up that way. Remember, if you need to take more rest days than what your schedule says, don’t worry too much about it! Just do what you need to do and get going. No need to burn yourself out trying to run too much.

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