Timing Obstacles Interfering with Running

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Daily Running, Running
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Ok so, I was to run FIVE miles yesterday. Let me tell you before you die of anticipation  it didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it today! Here’s what happened…. Life! No, really, I had gotten ready to go out and run around 2 yesterday afternoon and right before I left, my husband says: “Please take Pyro with you”. If you know me, you know Pyro is a pretty well behaved dog. He’s also a brat when it comes to running. Not exactly the best running buddy. 

So, story proceeding forth… I went out with Pyro and started running. Of course I started hack coughing again which got on my nerves and on top of that the dog was irritating me. I came back after a very measly .6 mile run. By the time I got back my husband had gotten into this cleaning mess. While that is an oxymoron, you know what I mean! 

The rest of my day went by so quickly by the time I was ready to run again I had to go to work. I work a night job and usually I finish early but that was not the case. Which leads me to telling you this…. I took my rest day yesterday, today I’m all geared up and ready to run! I WILL finish my 5 miles! 


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