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Posted: February 18, 2013 in Daily Running, Running
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Once again things got hetic but tonight I was determined to get my 5 miles done. I didn’t care if it was midnight when I started, I did start. Running 1.55 miles on the treadmill was the first wave before I started getting nauseated and needed to take a bathroom break. That I did… then I headed back out. This time I decided I’m not going to torture myself any further with the treadmill, after all my legs were starting to react to the force of movement.

I have noticed I prefer moving at my own pace regardless of how fast that is. I don’t like being forced to run a particular speed. And gosh darn, it gets so HOT in my gym. I started sweating up a storm inside, I headed out hoping that the cool air would help me be less sweaty. But first, this required me to charge my phone to a percentage beyond 4 percent charged.

Got my phone charged to a measly 20 percent and went out running. I had originally planned on running the remaining miles split between the gym and the road but ended up running my full 3.45 (actually ran 3.58) remaining miles out on the road.

For time (pace) I did my 3.58 miles in 50.46 and the 1.55 miles in 20:39 That means I ran 5.13 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and 85 seconds.

While my pace ended up being pretty slow (13.48 per mile) I have to give myself credit for running in heavy wind and at night. I am definitely not a night runner which means I don’t get my best pace at night. Night races are probably going to be fun but I have to remember this for the future and keep my thoughts on completing my runs not worrying about my pace.

How do I feel? My shins really hurt when I was running on the treadmill but running outside and doing it at my own pace, I really pulled it off pretty well and didn’t have much trouble. My pace was a bit slower outside however I do feel like it was much more controlled and I felt much better doing it.


  1. i spy God says:

    Great job, girl!!

  2. Coach Mark says:

    Regarding your shins, how old are your shoes?
    Do you think you might be leaning forward or backward while running?
    What surfaces are you running on?
    Do you alternate running shoes?

    • My shoes are needing to be replaced. I haven’t run six hundred miles on them but the soles are wearing away.

      I noticed back pain when I’m running so I could be having terrible posture, I think I lean forward a bit too much.
      I run on asphalt, concrete, and sometimes grass. and No I do not alternate running shoes. My other pair caused much worse shin pains. I have noticed if I’m running on the treadmill it hurts but when I’m running on the road I’m fine.

      • Coach Mark says:

        Ok, just try to be mindful when running about if you are leaning. A slight forward lean is ok but leaning back is going to put some strain on your shins.

        Regarding shoes, runningwarehouse.com and Road Runner Sports usually have good deals.

      • I really want to go get fitted for shoes. I think that’s another thing that I need to do so I can get proper support where I need it.

      • Coach Mark says:

        Mary Pat,
        I sent over an updated schedule. Let me know what you think. Just curious, what shoes are you currently running in?

      • I currently run in Nike Air Max shoes (2012) and I’m wearing the wrong size too so that’s causing a bit of a slide in my shoes. I’m so excited about the schedule, maybe a cool down required time frame too would help me feel more obligated to be warming up and cooling down.

      • Coach Mark says:

        For now a 5-10 minute warmup is good. Getting into a running shoe store and running around in a few different pairs is a great idea.

      • Coach Mark says:

        I am not sure if my posts came through but I am a big fan of lightweight minimalist shoes. I’d try a number of pairs though. You need to hit 5-10 minutes in your cooldown for blood flow. Before your run it prepares the legs for the real work and the cooldown starts the recovery process by getting blood into your legs to repair the damage.

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