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I finished my first few days with Mark’s training schedule. So far, so good!! I have been given a official distance I am training for and it is a Half Marathon! So exciting isn’t it 🙂 This week will be fun and I promise myself I’m not going to torture myself again by making my runs at 1 or 2 in the morning. (That, and the husband was not too happy when he found out I was running in the dark.)

Today Mark has sent me a new schedule which I’m very excited about. (You can see, i’m pretty pumped up!) 

Monday – Run easy for 20 minutes.  Try to breathe in through your nose as you run and out through your mouth.  Let those breaths in each be viewed as giving you more power and strength.  Let each breath in and out relax your shoulder, necks, and arms more each breath.

Tuesday – Cross train for 30-45 minutes or run easy for 30 minutes.

Wednesday – 10 minutes of easy jogging to warmup.  20 minute fartlek.  I want you to alternate running fast (don’t grind and grit your teeth, run fast not “hard”) and running easy.  Just go as fast as you can as long as you can and then go easy until you are ready to go again.  5 minute cooldown at the end.

Thursday –  Cross train for 30-45 minutes or run easy for 30 minutes or day off.

Friday – Progression run.  Start off easy and run very easy the first ten minutes and then gradually pick up the pace for 15 minutes, staying relaxed and just letting your legs gradually go faster.  Try to run the last 30 seconds all out.

Saturday – Cross train for 30 minutes or take today off.

Sunday – Long run.  7 miles.  The pace does not matter.  Just run by feel.  Start off very easy and try to gradually pick up the pace.  


The oddest thing happend. When I looked at Sunday to see how far my long run would be, I got giddy and excited! Each week my milage increases, my longest run will become longer and longer. Here is to a successful week of training! 

Good morning everybody! I definitely beat myself up last night with that run! It feels great to know that I completed my 5 miles but in result of not doing it at a normal time of the day, I am exhausted. Probably also because I didn’t get in bed until 4 in the morning and am waking up with my lips being really chapped and painful.

My body is and is not reacting to this run. How do I feel right now? Do I think I can get up and go on another run. Yes I can if I keep in mind my posture and focus on improving my breathing techniques. I’ve plastered all over this blog about my hacking cough. That is mainly (I think) because I’m not able to breathe in the fashion that I need to. Maybe it’s my stuffy nose that’s doing some of this!

Last night there was a post I saw and really wanted to share with y’all today just in case you don’t read this blog. The blog is called, “Run Free Forever” and there was a really good post about shin splits. I didn’t think I should re-invent the wheel especially when there’s one that talks about the very things I think needs to be pointed out. When you have an issue with shin splits, you might have been trying to avoid them. But now the question is, what do you do about it???

– Stretches that help focus on that part of your leg

– Wearing correct shoes

– Drills (something I don’t know much about)

– Increasing your milage too quickly, you should increase no more than 10 percent a week.

Check out the full post at Run Free Forever!

Once again things got hetic but tonight I was determined to get my 5 miles done. I didn’t care if it was midnight when I started, I did start. Running 1.55 miles on the treadmill was the first wave before I started getting nauseated and needed to take a bathroom break. That I did… then I headed back out. This time I decided I’m not going to torture myself any further with the treadmill, after all my legs were starting to react to the force of movement.

I have noticed I prefer moving at my own pace regardless of how fast that is. I don’t like being forced to run a particular speed. And gosh darn, it gets so HOT in my gym. I started sweating up a storm inside, I headed out hoping that the cool air would help me be less sweaty. But first, this required me to charge my phone to a percentage beyond 4 percent charged.

Got my phone charged to a measly 20 percent and went out running. I had originally planned on running the remaining miles split between the gym and the road but ended up running my full 3.45 (actually ran 3.58) remaining miles out on the road.

For time (pace) I did my 3.58 miles in 50.46 and the 1.55 miles in 20:39 That means I ran 5.13 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and 85 seconds.

While my pace ended up being pretty slow (13.48 per mile) I have to give myself credit for running in heavy wind and at night. I am definitely not a night runner which means I don’t get my best pace at night. Night races are probably going to be fun but I have to remember this for the future and keep my thoughts on completing my runs not worrying about my pace.

How do I feel? My shins really hurt when I was running on the treadmill but running outside and doing it at my own pace, I really pulled it off pretty well and didn’t have much trouble. My pace was a bit slower outside however I do feel like it was much more controlled and I felt much better doing it.


Ok so, I was to run FIVE miles yesterday. Let me tell you before you die of anticipation  it didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it today! Here’s what happened…. Life! No, really, I had gotten ready to go out and run around 2 yesterday afternoon and right before I left, my husband says: “Please take Pyro with you”. If you know me, you know Pyro is a pretty well behaved dog. He’s also a brat when it comes to running. Not exactly the best running buddy. 

So, story proceeding forth… I went out with Pyro and started running. Of course I started hack coughing again which got on my nerves and on top of that the dog was irritating me. I came back after a very measly .6 mile run. By the time I got back my husband had gotten into this cleaning mess. While that is an oxymoron, you know what I mean! 

The rest of my day went by so quickly by the time I was ready to run again I had to go to work. I work a night job and usually I finish early but that was not the case. Which leads me to telling you this…. I took my rest day yesterday, today I’m all geared up and ready to run! I WILL finish my 5 miles! 

This is the first blog post but not the last one that I’ll be using to ask a question rather than discuss something. I don’t like carrying my phone when I’m running and often want to run with just a water bottle and my watch. This is mainly because being Deaf, I can’t hear music so my phone being dragged around is pointless except for GPS and to keep time. I truly believe that if I would be using a watch rather than a phone I would do much better with my time and be more focused.

My Question is: What kind of HR/GPS watch do you use and how would you rate it, why would you give it a good or bad review?

Day 2 – No Running

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Today I was given the choice of doing 20 mins ez, cross training, or a day off. I chose to do semi-cross training by taking a nice long walk. Walked for 62 minutes and did 3.73 miles at a leisurely 3.5 – 3.9 mph. Felt really nice to be able to just relax a bit and walk. I am getting all geared up for tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I have a very unusual meeting at work and then I get to go on the 5 mile trek! Mark has really gotten me a bit excited about this run because I know it’s either going to be great and I’m going to get a good time or I’m going to do badly and end up taking 2 hours to do it. The latter probably won’t happen but I am hoping I’ll get my five miles in under an hour.

If I don’t, the world isn’t going to end but that’s my average pace.. about 12 minutes per mile. Right now that’s my “race pace” but we’ll see what happens tomorrow! For now, I’m going to lay in bed with my puppy and watch tv, relax, and get some sleep before my long running day.

I think it’s about time I tell the truth about me….

I’ve been running for about 3 months now. Have really been trying to watch the increase because I’ve been very scared about getting runners knee and know what it’s like to have shin splits and side pains. Shockingly enough, I haven’t had any side pains while running YET. I don’t want to jinx it! I’ve been having some short episodes of shin splits but nothing too severe and I have been taking it easy.

I am a 5 foot figure and started out at 172 pounds. Yes, I know… (mutters) my bmi was 33.6. While this is a shocking number for me, it is not the highest I’ve ever weighed. I used to weigh 200 pounds when I was 19 years old. When I had maxed out, I decided to start losing weight and my love/hate relationship with the gym started.

I am 27 years old. I rang into the new year and told myself I’m never going back. I had already started my running in December, eliminated soda almost completely out of my diet. (I’ve only had 1 since december 1st) and learned to have a love affair with water. The worst thing about my love affair with water is that I prefer bottled water over tap water.

Today, I weigh in at 141 pounds which is the lowest I’ve weighed in 9 years. Running has helped me break my 143 pound low point which was reached 2 years ago and then I gained most of it back hence the 172 starting point. My BMI is now 27.5 which is only 2.5 points away from a healthy weight range. That is one of the biggest things running has done for me.

Interesting enough.. I haven’t even done any measurements since January 7th so I’m interested in finding out where I’ve lost the most. I think this weekend, we will do that. So the point of this post is, the biggest consequence of running is you will probably lose weight.

So, GO ME! Looking forward to hitting my goal weight of 125 pounds sometime this year.

Day 1 Run

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Today I was to do a 25/e and this run beat me. I have been slightly sick but I was hoping I could make it through this run without much trouble. I ran for about 12 minutes and then started coughing. Kept going, and then I started hacking and by 15 minutes I decided to stop. While I am bummed out I didn’t make it the full 25 minutes, I still went and did the best I could. Covered 1.4 miles and other than my cough, my body feels fine. I did notice one thing though…

It got really hot in my gym. I work out in an apartment gym and it felt like a sauna when I was running. Last time I ran on that treadmill, I had to take my coat off and was sweating. I sweated even though I only ran for 15 minutes. I think my core temperature is really shifting and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m sick or because of how my body has been changing. We’ll see about that. I’m definitely bummed out but I know I did the best I could today!


First of all, I’d like to tell everybody that’s reading this, Coach Mark has a few custom coaching service giveaways left! If you’re interested in testing out a coach for a month! I decided that since Mark has been so generous to provide his services to me and whomever else decides to take advantage of the offer for a month, I’m going to share how it goes for me! 

For most people, they don’t know that I have already shelled over 300 dollars at one point for a personal trainer/dietician only to find that I did not feel like she was worth the money. She did not give me enough feedback on my eating habits, did not require enough from me, and gave me too much leeway in the gym. I felt like I was spending a lot of money for hot air. This is the main reason why I was reluctant to even think about asking anybody to draft up a running plan for me. This opportunity is great for me to see if Mark is a good fit for me and what I think of his services. 

With that said, I want to first of all comment on one thing so far. Mark has been very quick to reply and a great motivator with his words. He has set up my first week based on my history of running. He had sent me a questionnaire with a few more questions later to determine what my level of fitness is. While that is generally not enough, he has also set up my first week to be a bit of an experiment and a bit of a repeat of what I am already doing.

I’m sure since my running history is not really set, he needs some more data which is to be collected through my first week of running.

This is what it looks like:

2-14 Thursday – 25 minutes easy.  You should be breathing easy to moderate.  If you need to take breaks in there that is fine for now but the time spent running/jogging should be 20 minutes.

2-15 Friday – 20 minutes easy or Cross-train or off day

2-16 Saturday – 5 miles.  Let’s just shoot for distance and not worry about pace.  

2-17 Sunday – Same as Friday ( 20 minutes easy or Cross-train or off day)

He said:

I’d like to hold off on these days and use them as a test of what your body can handle now.  We are going to eventually add some things in to work on your speed and strength.

So far, I’m really impressed with his punctuality in responding to me! Now, tomorrow I start fresh. Thank you again Mark for all you’re doing and I look forward to a productive month!!