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I don’t claim to know much about dietary requirements for runners but I do want to bring up some interesting things every now and then for my readers to think about! My rants usually mean I am considering or am thinking about the very topic I am discussing! In this post, going gluten free is something I’m considering. I do experience a lot of bloating and feel fatigued a lot and that means I need to think about what I’m eating and perhaps that’s what is causing me to feel tired. 

I stumbled across a great article in Runners World called, “Goodbye Gluten?” In this article it indicates that considering a gluten free diet might be for you. There’s no guarantee that it’s a great idea because usually when people talk about feeling better after giving up gluten, that’s usually because of their poor diet including processed food. That is one reason why it’s important to eliminate only one or two things at a time in your diet as you go. 

There are some great grains that we could be eating instead of wheat and they include Quinoa. Quinoa is a grain I have had in my cupboard for the last two years and I absolutely love it! There are some other grains that I haven’t tried such as millet and so forth. It’s something worth considering especially since I’m still losing weight and want to change my diet for life. 

For a list of gluten free items, Celiac is a great website especially since it’s for people with celiac disease.