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Once again things got hetic but tonight I was determined to get my 5 miles done. I didn’t care if it was midnight when I started, I did start. Running 1.55 miles on the treadmill was the first wave before I started getting nauseated and needed to take a bathroom break. That I did… then I headed back out. This time I decided I’m not going to torture myself any further with the treadmill, after all my legs were starting to react to the force of movement.

I have noticed I prefer moving at my own pace regardless of how fast that is. I don’t like being forced to run a particular speed. And gosh darn, it gets so HOT in my gym. I started sweating up a storm inside, I headed out hoping that the cool air would help me be less sweaty. But first, this required me to charge my phone to a percentage beyond 4 percent charged.

Got my phone charged to a measly 20 percent and went out running. I had originally planned on running the remaining miles split between the gym and the road but ended up running my full 3.45 (actually ran 3.58) remaining miles out on the road.

For time (pace) I did my 3.58 miles in 50.46 and the 1.55 miles in 20:39 That means I ran 5.13 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and 85 seconds.

While my pace ended up being pretty slow (13.48 per mile) I have to give myself credit for running in heavy wind and at night. I am definitely not a night runner which means I don’t get my best pace at night. Night races are probably going to be fun but I have to remember this for the future and keep my thoughts on completing my runs not worrying about my pace.

How do I feel? My shins really hurt when I was running on the treadmill but running outside and doing it at my own pace, I really pulled it off pretty well and didn’t have much trouble. My pace was a bit slower outside however I do feel like it was much more controlled and I felt much better doing it.


Day 2 – No Running

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Daily Running, Running
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Today I was given the choice of doing 20 mins ez, cross training, or a day off. I chose to do semi-cross training by taking a nice long walk. Walked for 62 minutes and did 3.73 miles at a leisurely 3.5 – 3.9 mph. Felt really nice to be able to just relax a bit and walk. I am getting all geared up for tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I have a very unusual meeting at work and then I get to go on the 5 mile trek! Mark has really gotten me a bit excited about this run because I know it’s either going to be great and I’m going to get a good time or I’m going to do badly and end up taking 2 hours to do it. The latter probably won’t happen but I am hoping I’ll get my five miles in under an hour.

If I don’t, the world isn’t going to end but that’s my average pace.. about 12 minutes per mile. Right now that’s my “race pace” but we’ll see what happens tomorrow! For now, I’m going to lay in bed with my puppy and watch tv, relax, and get some sleep before my long running day.