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I finished my first few days with Mark’s training schedule. So far, so good!! I have been given a official distance I am training for and it is a Half Marathon! So exciting isn’t it 🙂 This week will be fun and I promise myself I’m not going to torture myself again by making my runs at 1 or 2 in the morning. (That, and the husband was not too happy when he found out I was running in the dark.)

Today Mark has sent me a new schedule which I’m very excited about. (You can see, i’m pretty pumped up!) 

Monday – Run easy for 20 minutes.  Try to breathe in through your nose as you run and out through your mouth.  Let those breaths in each be viewed as giving you more power and strength.  Let each breath in and out relax your shoulder, necks, and arms more each breath.

Tuesday – Cross train for 30-45 minutes or run easy for 30 minutes.

Wednesday – 10 minutes of easy jogging to warmup.  20 minute fartlek.  I want you to alternate running fast (don’t grind and grit your teeth, run fast not “hard”) and running easy.  Just go as fast as you can as long as you can and then go easy until you are ready to go again.  5 minute cooldown at the end.

Thursday –  Cross train for 30-45 minutes or run easy for 30 minutes or day off.

Friday – Progression run.  Start off easy and run very easy the first ten minutes and then gradually pick up the pace for 15 minutes, staying relaxed and just letting your legs gradually go faster.  Try to run the last 30 seconds all out.

Saturday – Cross train for 30 minutes or take today off.

Sunday – Long run.  7 miles.  The pace does not matter.  Just run by feel.  Start off very easy and try to gradually pick up the pace.  


The oddest thing happend. When I looked at Sunday to see how far my long run would be, I got giddy and excited! Each week my milage increases, my longest run will become longer and longer. Here is to a successful week of training! 

Once again things got hetic but tonight I was determined to get my 5 miles done. I didn’t care if it was midnight when I started, I did start. Running 1.55 miles on the treadmill was the first wave before I started getting nauseated and needed to take a bathroom break. That I did… then I headed back out. This time I decided I’m not going to torture myself any further with the treadmill, after all my legs were starting to react to the force of movement.

I have noticed I prefer moving at my own pace regardless of how fast that is. I don’t like being forced to run a particular speed. And gosh darn, it gets so HOT in my gym. I started sweating up a storm inside, I headed out hoping that the cool air would help me be less sweaty. But first, this required me to charge my phone to a percentage beyond 4 percent charged.

Got my phone charged to a measly 20 percent and went out running. I had originally planned on running the remaining miles split between the gym and the road but ended up running my full 3.45 (actually ran 3.58) remaining miles out on the road.

For time (pace) I did my 3.58 miles in 50.46 and the 1.55 miles in 20:39 That means I ran 5.13 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes and 85 seconds.

While my pace ended up being pretty slow (13.48 per mile) I have to give myself credit for running in heavy wind and at night. I am definitely not a night runner which means I don’t get my best pace at night. Night races are probably going to be fun but I have to remember this for the future and keep my thoughts on completing my runs not worrying about my pace.

How do I feel? My shins really hurt when I was running on the treadmill but running outside and doing it at my own pace, I really pulled it off pretty well and didn’t have much trouble. My pace was a bit slower outside however I do feel like it was much more controlled and I felt much better doing it.


Ok so, I was to run FIVE miles yesterday. Let me tell you before you die of anticipation  it didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it today! Here’s what happened…. Life! No, really, I had gotten ready to go out and run around 2 yesterday afternoon and right before I left, my husband says: “Please take Pyro with you”. If you know me, you know Pyro is a pretty well behaved dog. He’s also a brat when it comes to running. Not exactly the best running buddy. 

So, story proceeding forth… I went out with Pyro and started running. Of course I started hack coughing again which got on my nerves and on top of that the dog was irritating me. I came back after a very measly .6 mile run. By the time I got back my husband had gotten into this cleaning mess. While that is an oxymoron, you know what I mean! 

The rest of my day went by so quickly by the time I was ready to run again I had to go to work. I work a night job and usually I finish early but that was not the case. Which leads me to telling you this…. I took my rest day yesterday, today I’m all geared up and ready to run! I WILL finish my 5 miles! 

This is the first blog post but not the last one that I’ll be using to ask a question rather than discuss something. I don’t like carrying my phone when I’m running and often want to run with just a water bottle and my watch. This is mainly because being Deaf, I can’t hear music so my phone being dragged around is pointless except for GPS and to keep time. I truly believe that if I would be using a watch rather than a phone I would do much better with my time and be more focused.

My Question is: What kind of HR/GPS watch do you use and how would you rate it, why would you give it a good or bad review?

Training for a marathon, you must have a system in place to make sure you’re getting enough food and water in. Part of that is knowing exactly what you need to be eating to help your body recover from each run and get ready for that grueling run. Most people, work out to lose weight or stay fit. If you’re training for a marathon, you’re going to lose weight at some point. (not guaranteed) Your main focus is muscle recovery so your muscles build up.

“I suggest marathoners and half-marathoners do a reality check on their nutrition with a site or app that gives them a nutrition report card. People swear they’re eating enough nutrients but aren’t—it’s a surprise for a lot of people,” ( Jeff Galloway, a former Olympian and the author of Marathon: You Can Do It.)

Part of muscle recovery and build up is to help endurance and tolerance for longer runs. That’s the main reason why each and every training plan has gradual build up in runs weekly. Yesterday I couldn’t figure out what to eat before my run so I made steak and scrambled eggs with 2 slices of bread.

My idea was that protein helps muscles but I also need to remember that carbs are necessary for exercising. That doesn’t give us permission to sit down and binge eat pasta. There are several different kinds of carbs that give you good nutrients. You want to be eating complex carbs such as whole grains, fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, and brown rice. For more information on exactly what you should eat, check out this article: What to Eat if You’re Training for a Marathon

All of this is very overwhelming especially for somebody that is just starting out but it’s important to focus and get it right! Don’t let your frustration get in the way of proper recovery and nutrition. Do not forget that just because you’re burning all those calories doesn’t mean you can use that as an excuse to drink 10 margaritas and eat those oil laced fries from your local fast food joints.