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One of the biggest issues I have with my running is I have not been focusing on my distance and focusing more on speed.While that’s a good thing if I were worried about my pace, I’m not. The only thing I need to be making sure of is that when I run my half and/or full marathon I need to be sure I’m running faster than a 15 minute mile. That’s only because it’s the cut off time for marathons. (6.5 hours)

Training is supposed to get you ready for the distance and endurance. Speed should come by itself. I’m losing weight so speed will come eventually. This is one reason why I don’t use the treadmill, because I don’t have a stable speed yet and when I do run on the treadmill, my shin splits come back. So, for this month; I’m going to change my focus to distance rather than speed. It’s no longer about how fast I go but how far I go. I want to do a half by May 5th so that’s my main goal. Today is Saturday, I need to either go run a good run or do a easy/rest day or cross training. It’s either run those seven miles today or tomorrow. 

Perhaps instead of saying I will do it tomorrow, I should say… “Lets map it out and I’ll get my butt moving!”

It’s almost noon. I have plenty of time to get moving. I’m a bit worried because starting next week I work during the day so that just means I need to re-adjust my sleeping schedule and start working out earlier in the morning or be willing to run at night. It’s just a matter of preference but I am going to get those 40+ miles this month even if it hurts me!