I introduced myself at the beginning of my blog but here I go again! My name is Mary Pat Withem (no joke!) and “Running With’em” was established help me log my exercises, share my accomplishments, and have a place to share what I’ve learned. During my runs, I don’t always use the same tool to track my running and need one central location for everything. That just means it takes more time to log something than a push of a button on an iPhone or tracking my runs.

Those features are great but the issue is, some days I prefer to do the treadmill and other days I want to run on the road. This blog was also established to share my happiness when it comes to accomplishments. My favorite thing on other blogs is their “PR” segment. It’s incredible and very inspiring to read about other people and their PR. The beginning of my running career, I worried about my desire to just last longer not run faster and wondered if that was okay.

Here’s what I’ve learned as my running desires have increased – There is no right or wrong way to do anything just as long as you listen to your body and focus on what you’re doing. Mixing running with TurboFire is what has helped me lose weight but in the end, it’s all about sheer willpower to keep going.

Enjoy the blog and come visit as often as you can/want!

Mary Pat Withem


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