Which Marathon Schedule to Follow

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Running, Running Decisions
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There are so many different marathon, 5K, 10K, and half marathon training schedules you could follow and too little time to compare all of them! The best thing to do right now is be honest with yourself. How long do you think it will take you to get to have a run of 3 miles? 6 miles? 10 miles? The truth is, if you have already been running 10 miles regularly, you are just about half way through a marathon training program or in shape to run a half marathon without much training. If you can barely get a mile out before being tired, your training schedule should be much much longer for a marathon or at the beginning of a 5K training program.

There are several training programs for marathons that expect you to have been running for six months already. That means being able to run a 3-5 mile run without much trouble. While that is one of the most ideal situations you could be in, it’s not realistic to expect everybody to have that kind of patience. Pick a training schedule that fits you. Beginner, Novice, and Advanced are different levels too.

As said before and I can’t emphasize this enough, every training program has to be modified to fit Y O U! Nobody can train you better than you can solely because nobody else knows your body the way you do. You might think this is a false statement because you haven’t learned how to listen to your body and what it’s telling you. Don’t worry too much if you take a lot longer than the length of the original training schedule. Getting out there and doing your weekly runs is what matters. If you can’t meet the milage, repeat the week as necessary and push yourself. Don’t hurt yourself in the process of keeping up with a training schedule if it really is too much for you.

I find myself sounding like a broken record but it is entirely necessary when I say… Listen to your body!

  1. Mark says:

    You are right…listening to your body is a major key. So is learning to run relaxed. Stick with it! If you are looking for a customized plan for your marathon I would love to write one up for you but I can also recommend some folks that I think are fantastic.

    Hiring a coach takes away the guessing game of what to do each day and often coaches have years worth of experience and background to pull from and give you advice that is impartial (we runners aren’t always the best at judging our own performances).

    You’d pay a plumer, electrician, etc. to provide expertise service and I’d argue that running is at least as important. If you chose to continue on your own stay tough, you WILL get there.

    • I think the comparison of a plumber and coach is a great way to explain the importance of a coach! I’ll be looking at your website and getting a better idea of what you do and get back to you on that!

      • Coach Mark says:

        Mary Pat,
        I’ve decided to offer a free month’s worth of customized coaching this month to the first 15 people who respond to the offer on my blog. There are still spots open…

      • I left a note! Very awesome idea and something I hope more coaches will do to help individuals understand better the benefits of a coach and a customized running plan.

      • Coach Mark says:

        I have a post in draft mode on the benefits of a coach.
        When I finally began working with one last year it made a huge difference. Less injuries, lower body fat, the knowledge of someone smarter to rely on, less time sweating the details, enhanced feeling of commitment to the sport, more confidence in races…should I keep going?

      • You should definitely write a full post, it’s something I’d be interested in reading more about.

      • Coach Mark says:

        I will post it ASAP. I sent you an email.

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